Monday, 21 November 2011

The guinea pigs in verse

My first post was a touching story about Romeo and the guinea pigs. Here is the story in verse.


22 November 2011

Now Romeo was a little cavies,
That’s guinea pig to you,
Who saved his tribe and all his kin,
From the mortal danger they were in.

He made a home upon the hill,
Near the church the rabbits left,
And there they played and loved to mate,
They had big families on their plate.

But bandicoots arrived one day
And tried to move right in,
The guinea pigs all had a fright,
The newbies were spoiling for a fight.

Romeo made them build a wall,
And they made little swords,
And when the bandicoots made war,
They made ready for them at the door.

Upon them, cried the little pig,
The swordsmen did their best,
But couldn’t see much in the night,
The battle ground got pretty tight.

Many of them died that night,
The bandicoots were strong,
Into the battle they were led,
Tearing the piggies shred by shred.

At dawn the fight was nearly lost,
The pigs were almost cowed,
Big dogs arrived and saved the day,
The bandicoots all went away.

But Romeo was really sad,
His Juliet was gone,
It’s what he’d feared and come to dread,
No lover – she was dead.

Romeo without his wife,
Felt that life was past,
He curled up tight and in the morn,
We found he too had gone.

That’s my story, and it’s true,
The old white rabbit said,
On lovely evenings like tonight,
I often think about that fight.

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